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It is known that Qiongyugao was created by Chinese Shin Cheol-ong. Shin Cheol-ong found that Qiongyugao made of four kinds of medicines (Korean ginseng, di huang, fu ling, and honey) is highly effective for dry cough, and Hong Joon in the Sung Dynasty compiled his experiences and orally transmitted prescriptions into Hong-ssi-jip-heom-bang, which is the first record on Qiongyugao. The treatment effect of Qiongyugao is so excellent that it appears increasingly frequently in medical books. It was introduced in Gu-seon Hwal-in-sim-beop (Methods of Vitalizing Human Mind) by Joo Gwon in the Ming Dynasty, and Jang-ssi-eui-tong by Jang Ro in the Qing Dynasty. In Korea, the medicine is explained in detail in Dong-eui-bo-gam written by Heo Joon in the mid Chosun Dynasty.


Red ginseng is a medicine that was mentioned for the first time during the days of King Jeongjo in the late Chosun Dynasty. It is produced for convenient storage and easy use of Korean ginseng, but its history is short compared to that of Qiongyugao. Accordingly, red ginseng is nothing but an unnecessary addition in genuine Qiongyugao.



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Qiongyugao is manufactured as family business according to the manufacturing method transmitted through generations.
Using di huang, which is hard to handle and store for a long period, as the main ingredient and home-produced ginseng, honey and wild fu ling, we manufacture Qiongyugao as prescribed in Oriental medicine. We are confident in the effect of Qiongyugao. However, Qiongyugao is not a panacea. Qiongyugao of Qiongyugao.com is prepared carefully by herb doctors through washing di huang and soaking it in wine, heating in boiled honey (honey decocted and dehydrated) and hot but not too hot water for three days and nights, cooling it in cold water a day, and then again heating a full day and night. We have all equipment including wet grinders and dry grinders for making Qiongyugao, and work in environment tightly protected from foreign materials. We grind Korean ginseng and fu ling by ourselves. In addition, because clean air is essential for the kiln, we burn mulberry tree at a clean kiln near the Binggye Valley where an icy wind blows out all the year round at Binggey-ri, Chunsan-myeon, Euiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, a quiet village even without the sound of animals. Qiongyugao of Qiongyugao.com is prescription that uses the best home-produced medical materials.

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