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Description : Qiongyugao can produce a favorable result in elders. Those aged over 60 usually have a weight loss by over 10% compared to that in their young days, and it is a result of physical aging. It is likely that their food intake has decreased. Such elders may see a good effect if they take a low dose of Qiongyugao steadily.

In their old age, people feel the drain of body fluid from all the organs and the creaking of their joints. For them, Qiongyugao improves physical conditions by supplementing body fluid.

However, those at an advanced age must consult with their herbalist before taking Qiongyugao. It is because Qiongyugao may not be fit for someone and another prescription may be required before taking Qiongyugao.

Description : One of phenomena observed often when Qiongyugao has been taken for a short time is that middle-aged or older men complain of its excessive tonic effect. In some of menopausal women, menstruation is resumed. This can be explained as follows. The things most beneficial to the body are delivered first to the organ that produces offspring.

In such a case, men should make their body and mind clean and prepare for the physical well-being through their middle age and afterwards. Women should not assume it simply rejuvenation, but continue to check changes in health condition carefully.

Description : Qiongyugao is known to tone up and clean blood. As to its blood cleaning effect, Qiongyugao is known to supplement the body with fluid by making clean blood, and consequently, this cleans blood like flowing water has a self-purification effect.

When students experience temporary decline of physical strength and concentration, the short-term use of Qiongyugao can produce a good effect in their restoration of energy and enhancement of memory. In addition, Qiongyugao can be effective in recovery from heavy labor or housework or chronic fatigue out of stress.

Description : Qiongyugao is known to tone up and clean blood. As to its blood cleaning effect, Qiongyugao is known to supplement the body with fluid by making clean blood, and consequently, this cleans blood like flowing water has a self-purification effect.

In order for an easily distracted child to have concentration, the body and mind should be stabilized. This world is full of glittering stimulants. Internet monitors, late night activities, piercing music from a MP3 player, all kinds of announcements from elevators, car navigation system, and telephone ARS, etc. are eroding our children¡¯s eyes and ears. What fuels the flaming environment is various kinds of high-calorie meat foods. Let¡¯s take the reproductive function as an example. It is reported that the discharge of reproductive hormone is much larger in those who prefer meat food than in those who prefer vegetable food. This example sounds somewhat indecent, but students can study hard in a stable mind, which, in turn, can be attained from a stable physical flow. If our children¡¯s body is in an atmosphere like an extremely exciting basketball court, they may not be able to have a calm mind.


Our children are all good?

Like parents desire, most of children also want to ¡®study well.¡¯ Thus, if a mother says ¡°Boy, take this herbal medicine,¡± the boy is reluctant to take it, but if she says ¡°This is a medicine that makes your brain bright. Do you want this?¡± he must say ¡°Yes, thank you, mom!¡± This is our current situation. Studying is not agility but endurance. This is true particularly for elementary and secondary students who have to digest a large volume of knowledge indiscriminately without a major. It may be quite important what should be fed to our children for their stable emotion. Those who practice meditation avoid stimulating food in order to prevent their mind from being excited, and because stimulating food arouses idle thoughts unceasingly. It is known that if one takes Qiongyugao in childhood before puberty he sees its effect during his later years. Thus, it is recommended that parents first try Qiongyugao and confirm its effect and then invest in the children for their health.


As supported well by many clinical evidences, Qiongyugao is the best medicine in the world as long as it is prescribed properly. Many people love Qiongyugao and praise it in all kinds of fair words. What cannot be overemphasized is that Qiongyugao is a herbal prescription drug and quite different from ordinary food or health food. It is quite complicate to prepare Qiongyugao, but what is most important is taking it as prescribed by a herbalist, a medical practitioner in Oriental medicine. As in other competitive markets under capitalism, the Qiongyugao market is ridden by false or imitative Qiongyugao, and this poses a serious threat to people¡¯s health, and so should be watched carefully.


For a drug to be a drug, it should have an effect. If you try false Qiongyugao based on others¡¯ saying, you may think ¡°This has nothing special¡± or ¡°This doesn¡¯t fit me.¡± This kind of experiment is not desirable especially if it is with your precious body. These days, most of herbal clinics offer Qiongyugao. As they do their best in their own way to improve patients¡¯ health, their Qiongyugao may be acceptable, but you should not be tricked by false products that are Qiongyugao in name only.

Qiongyugao is a drug for a person who is ready to take it. If it is taken by one whose health condition cannot accept Qiongyugao, it is not only ineffective but also may cause side effects such as indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea. For the use of Qiongyugao, other prescription or treatment should precede. Depending on individuals¡¯ constitution or disposition such as cold inside, high fever, and indigestion, a pretreatment process is required to make the body healthy enough to absorb Qiongyugao. The dosage and period are also essential factors to be considered for attaining a high effect. This is why Qiongyugao must be prescribed by a herbalist.

Even for the same medicine, the intensity, dosage and period should be adjusted for the patient¡¯s constitution, physical strength, and health condition. This is one of the characteristics of herbal medicine. Herbal medicine gives a different prescription to each patient rather than making a uniform approach to all. Thus, it is safe to get a prescription of Qiongyugao after having been diagnosed by a herbalist. In order to experience a high effect, the contents of Korean ginseng, di huang and fu ling should be adjusted for individual patients. In addition, differentiated medication is required according to whether one is healthy, sick, old, or weak. However, there are entrepreneurial ¡°imitative Qiongyugao¡± that misleads people into believing ¡°The same prescription, the same effect¡± based on a scientific theory and tries to make money through mass production. Such false products deteriorate the effect of herbal Qiongyugao and distort its efficacies.

  A Korean Local Legend of Qiongyugao based on Korean Oriental Medicine Book

Everything in the world has a sequence. That is, we need to distinguish between what is first and what is next. The contents of Dong-eui-bo-gam are extensive, but they are organized orderly according to their importance in diagnosis and treatment. Considering this, we can say that Qiongyugao itself summarizes the characteristics of Korean herbal medicine. Qiongyugao is the first prescription in Yang-saeng-yeon-nyeon-yak-yi-pyeon (drugs for health and long life) of Nae-gyeong-pyeon in the front part of Dong-eui-bo-gam. The first prescription may not necessarily mean the best drug, but it is quite symbolic.


Qiongyugao is made of home-produced di huang, native honey, home-produced fu ling, and home-produced ginseng. The four materials are mixed up with one another harmoniously. Di huang (mind) has the nature of going down to the ground, fu ling (soul) wandering in the air, and Korean ginseng (spirit) going up to the sky. These ingredients are harmonized by honey (blood), and honey must be home-produced. Qiongyugao is not effective if it is not made of home-produced materials. Saying again, Qiongyugao is effective only when the contents of Korean ginseng, di huang and fu ling are controlled for each patient. When we take a medicine, we must not expect luck by chance. As mentioned earlier, in order for a drug to be a drug, it must be effective. Adequately prescribed Qiongyugao is genuine Qiongyugao.

The reason that only home-produced ingredients should be used is as follows. Because Korean land is infertile and the climate is changeable, it is not good for producing crops but is very advantageous to the production of medicine. The reason can be inferred from the saying that loach roasted alive in sesame oil is tonic to the body. That is, animals and plants growing where the weather is changeable all the year around and day and night become good medicines. Let me give another example, apple. Apple can avoid fruit drop when temperature difference between day and night is over 10¡É, and the larger temperature difference is the sweeter and the larger the apple is. In other words, severe changes produce medicines and change itself is medicine.

It is unfair to say ¡°I took a wrong herbal medicine¡± and to transfer the whole liability for the misuse and overuse of herbal medicine to herbalists. Most of wrong applications of herbal medicine result from illegal medical practices. This is why it is unfair to blame herbalists. People regard acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping as Oriental therapies, but with regard to herbal medicine, surprisingly many people think, ¡°Doesn¡¯t it have the same effect no matter who makes it and no matter who takes it?¡±

Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and herbal prescription are medical practices. A herbalist license for the practices is not a privilege but authority and equivalent responsibility. Almost every herbal clinic is run for community clients. Because it serves patients living around, its responsibility is also heavy. False medical practices must be uprooted, and the misuse and overuse of herbal medicine should also be eradicated. Including false Qiongyugao, numerous wrong medical practices based on assumption, inference or chance must be strictly regulated.

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