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  It is prohibited by law to sell Qiongyugao prescribed by a herbalist at a store or on the Internet. The client can buy Qiongyugao only through visiting a herbal clinic, receiving examination, and getting a prescription, and for this reason, it is called prescribed Qiongyugao. If you visit our herbal clinic once, from that time, we can deliver to you on request as long as Qiongyugao is used for the same purpose.
  Qiongyugao Q1
(Traditional Qiongyugao: Qiongyugao prepared according to the original recipe of Dong-eui-bo-gam)

Weight: 1kg per pot

Iksugo A3
(Traditional Qiongyugao added with Asparagus cochinchinensis Merrill, Liriope platyphylla Wang. et Tang, Lycii Radicis Cortex, Ik-su-yeong-jin-go Clinic)

Weight: 1kg per pot

Jewongo J1
(Traditional prescribed Qiongyugao added with Korean native boksin instead of fu ling, effective in anger, depression, and stress)

Weight: 1kg per pot


Every year, we prepare around 1,000kg of Qiongyugao packed in 1kg pots and consume it in ¡°Prescribed Qiongyugao Clinic Service.¡± It is consumed mainly for 10 months from January to October, and during November and December it is prescribed and sold only if there is remaining Qiongyugao.

The materials are purchased in large quantities from summer to winter (August~December) for the next year. Accordingly, the cost of Prescribed Qiongyugao is hardly changeable throughout a year.

As mentioned above, however, Qiongyugao may be in overstock or out of stock depending on monthly schedule. Then, the price may be cut down for marketing. If you keep watching throughout a year, you will see the up and down of the price.

In fact, probably because of the global economic depression this year in 2009, the consumption of Qiongyugao has been reduced to half. Thus, unprecedentedly, we offer a promoting reference price below the cost.

In the current situation that consumers do not open their purse, no matter how good our ¡°Prescribed Qiongyugao¡± is, it may be a way of surviving this year to lower the price and open their purse even if the price is below the cost. We always thank you for loving our Prescribed Qiongyugao Clinic offering genuine traditional Qiongyugao. In particular, we express our thanks to foreign clients in Japan, China, Taiwan, etc. for their love to Prescribed Qiongyugao beyond national boundaries.


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